James Calvetti Meats, Inc.

James Calvetti Meats, Inc. has been providing world class meat products for nearly 40 years. We use only the finest raw materials, and our highly skilled butchers can cut to the most demanding specifications. Whether it's high speed processing, or customized cutting, our rigorous attention to HACCP standards has earned us national and international acclaim for our quality. We are located in the heart of the historic Union Stockyard district of Chicago, making us easily accessible to all major markets and customers worldwide. To learn more about our products, our services, and our commitment to your satisfaction, contact us at 773-927-9242

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Managing Controlled Chaos

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As business owners, we are the captains of our own metaphorical ships. How we navigate the perilous waters that running a business entails determines our ultimate success or failure.

The Benefits of Meeting with Customers Face to Face

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In our modern, digital world it’s a snap to communicate without leaving the comfort of your chair. Even phone calls are a thing of the past, with texting and email so readily available. But all this ease comes at a price.

In Flight Food Finesse

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When it comes to standing out, airlines have a tough job: many fly the same routes and have the same equipment. Customer service, seating, food and beverages are where differentiation can take place.